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Market Central SwitchCenter Graphical User Interface Software

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    This is the resource page for the Market Central SwitchCenter Graphical User Interface application.
Market Central SwitchCenter GUI software is a JAVA based desktop application which allows the control and monitoring of Market Central's switch products. It is compatible with all gang switch models R6100, R5000, R6000 and standalone D1000 Switches. With SwitchCenter you can:

  •  Control switches at the card, rack, and system levels
  •  Monitor system health status; power supplies, keylock switch status
  •  Display event traps from one or more systems
  •  Monitor IP addresses and switch in response to communication loss
  •  Set scheduled one time or repeating switching actions

Market Central SwitchCenter software requires a computer running the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

To install JRE on your computer go to the website and follow the link under Downloads. On the download page you need to download the JRE for the appropriate operating system.

Before downloading the SwitchCenter MCSC.Jar file, view and print the installation instruction sheet.

View and Print SwitchCenter Installation Instructions here

View and Print SwitchCenter user manual here

Download mcsc2_0.jar here

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